Little Upton Bridge and COVID 19

Little Upton Bridge and COVID 19

We appreciate all the support of our guests and staff over the last few difficult months,and we hope that everyone and their loved ones have stayed safe and well. We are now open again with some changes and special operating procedures in place for Coronavirus.

Changes to facilities

We have made some changes to the houses to make sure they work even better for our guests
1. All houses have hand santiser and surface sanitiser
2.We have implemented an enhanced cleaning routine (see below)
2. Rain covers have been added to the outside spaces on the large houses so that more time can be spent in the open air
3. Two extra self contained barns are available on request. Cider barn with one double bedroom,shower room, own kitchen and lounge and Courtyard barn has 2 ensuite bedrooms. If some guests need to be separate from the main group this is possible and they can still socialise in the outside areas
4. We have created inside / outside dining areas on all large houses with large canopies and heaters if needed
5. The pool is organised so that it can be used privately with cleaning of surfaces in between (the water is chlorinated so very safe) and we have added private pools to both Lodge and Pictureworks so the main pool is less critcal
6. We have worked with local providers to ensure goods and services can be delivered here so there is no need to leave the house if appropriate (although there are many local walks you can still take), see details below
7. We have arranged for onsite deliiveries from trusted local suppliers
8. We have arranged for local bike hire to deliver to the houses
9. We have arranged outside activities with local suppliers such as Cider and Wine tasting 

What we are doing to keep guests safe:

We already have a 5 star cleaning record as measured by our guest reviews on the online travel platforms such as Airbnb (with sparkling clean being our top compliment) and we have added extra cleaning processes into our regime such as sanitising of all surfaces inside and outside (not just bathrooms/ kitchens). We have always had a policy of take as long as needed (vs do in a certain time) and we are spending even longer cleaning.

  • We will have thoroughly cleaned and aired the house and disinfected any touch surfaces
  • Our staff only come in if they and their family are well, they are paid not to come in. They all wear gloves if appropriate, or sanitise between houses.

  • The laundry has been to a professional laundry company and washed at high temperature
  • We have removed books and games but you can ask to borrow these and then we will quarantine them afterwards…please ask!
  • We have removed anything from the kitchen that cannot go through the dishwasher or be disinfected, therefore there is no small pantry of dried goods. We have rewashed everything in the dishwasher on a hot setting if appropraite
  • Rather than showing you around inside we would ask that you read instructions and check you are OK, we show you the outside features and can explain anything inside the house from outside. We are working on a video tour.
  • We have provided sanitiser for your use on surfaces under the sink and hand wash in all bathrooms and toilets please use liberally but leave for our next guests.
  • We have organised the pool to be used privately and we will disinfect all non water surfaces between uses and test the chlorination of the pool water (Chlorine in the pool water kills all viruses)
  • We test the hot tubs 3 times a day and they like the pool have remote chlorine feeds.If you use it heavily at any time please let us know and we will recheck it.

Requests to guests staying:

In the house:

  • If anyone in your group has had COVID symptoms please ask them not to come unless they have been clear for 7 days after the symptoms appear
  • If anyone develops symptoms during or after your stay please tell us
  • Please place all bedding towels etc in the laundry bag provided so the housekeepers do not need to handle it
  • We have provided sanitiser for your use on surfaces under the sink and hand wash in all bathrooms and toilets please use liberally
  • Please use the dishwashers on the hottest setting and make sure everything has been through the dishwasher. Its fine to leave it going when you leave.

In the area:

  • We hope you will bring as much as you can with you for your stay. We obviously want to protect our local community from infection so would ask that you try and stay on the premises or outside as much as possible
  • Our local pubs are all open with good outdoor spaces and there is cycle hire in Langport
  • There are local suppliers who are happy to deliver an order here for you
    • Langport stores (01458252853) will deliver an order, or organise for pick up
    • There is also a farm shop 5 minutes away which is very easy to buy things in with social distancing. They have meat, vegetables, cheese, preserves, biscuits etc. They also have an outside cafe
    • Our local Cider farm is happy to sell Cider, Apple juice etc to you and can also deliver and will do an outdoors tasting if you ask them, its 300m away,
    • Similarly for wine with our local vineyard
    • Amazon Prime also delivers next day here.
    • Local take aways and caterers are all open