Little Upton Bridge and COVID 19

Little Upton Bridge and COVID 19
We appreciate all the support of our guests and staff at this difficult time,and we hope that everyone and their loved ones stay safe and well. We are a strong business with a good track record and the reserves to survive this sudden shock. We want all our guests and staff to stay safe and we look forward to reverting to business as normal later this year.
For guests staying up until mid June:
We continue to welcome guests with the additional health and safety measures as detailed below. We are closely monitoring all government recommendations and will of course act according to these.
If you do have members of your group who are either ill, their family members are ill or they are self isolating due to age/ underlying medical conditions then Gill is happy to discuss this with you to find the best way forward, we obviously do not want these people to feel they need to join your group.
Everyone who is staying during this period should have been contacted by Gill, as the situation is changing so fast Gill will remain in close contact with these guests and will post updates on this page.
For Guests staying after mid June :
The government stated on 19th of March that they expected we would be through this situation by mid-June.
For Existing Bookings:
We would encourage you to be patient and wait to see what will happen in the coming weeks. If the house was booked for a specific event such as a wedding which has now been cancelled we will look to see what we can do to move the booking to the new event date. We have many people contacting us who no longer wish to go abroad and would like to stay in the UK so we strongly recommend that you keep your reservation as we would expect a peak of demand once things go back to normal.
For New Bookings:
We are happy to take new bookings with a reduced deposit and with an agreement that if Covid 19 means the stay cannot proceed that we will refund any monies paid.
Extra Health and Safety Measures:
Our goal for many weeks now has been to ensure the safety of our guests and employees in these unusual times.

We already have a 5 star cleaning record as measured by our guest reviews on the online travel platforms such as Airbnb (with sparkling clean being our top compliment) and we have added extra cleaning processes into our regime such as sanitising of all surfaces(not just bathrooms/ kitchens). We have always had a policy of take as long as needed (vs do in a certain time) and we are spending even longer cleaning.

At the start of March we told all our staff (who are permanent and employed) that they are to stay home if they or their family are unwell and we will still pay them. We have also reinforced with them our existing rigorous health and safety policy of hand washing, gloves and masks.

To keep you safe during your stay the house is equipped with sanitising spray and antibacterial handwash in all toilets/bathrooms.