Local Walks

Below you will find three local walks to destinations nearby that are suitable for most groups:

1. Our Field - The first walk is to our field which is located on the Somerset Levels, with the River Parrett at one end and fields in all directions. Here you can often see loads of wildlife, from deer to rabbits, to insects and butterflies. You are more than welcome to enter the field and walk along it to take in the surroundings, or take a picnic and lunch in nature.

2. The Halfway House - There is a nice walk to the nearest local pub across lanes and footpaths through the farmer's fields of corn. A beautiful walk of just over a mile, with a lovely country pub at the end for a well-earned cold drink.

3. Pitney Farm Shop - Pitney Farm Shop & Café is also within walking distance, it follows the same scenic route as walk 2, but continues on further. If you take this walk then some great food at the Farm Café awaits you!

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